The Ilturisho Primary School Well Project

Progress Update

We are now well underway with Phase II of the project. This phase involves the installation of solar power, pump, and the water storage tanks for the system. At the completion of this Phase, the school and community will have access to water directly from the tanks. All that will remain is the distribution system needed to carry the water throughout the school complex and to the community distribution points. You will note below pictures of the water tank tower and the solar panels being prepared for installation. The video just below the photos is the pump producing water after being installed into the well.

Francis Yiale, Head Teacher at Ilturisho

We recently had the opportunity to interview the Headmaster of the Ilturisho Primary School, Francis Yiale. Francis intertwines the story of his personal journey and the story of the school. For the full unedited interview, click here. For shorter segments, see Francis' story part 1 here and part 2 here.


The Ilturisho Primary School is located in Narok, Kenya which is within the boundaries of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. The school was founded by and serves students from the Maasai tribe. The school was started in 2010 by tribal elders who wanted their children to have more options for their lives than the pastoral and nomadic life that the tribe has historically practiced. In the first year, there was a single  teacher meeting with about 40 children under the shade of a tree. The next year, the school was registered under the Kenyan Ministry of Education and so one Head Teacher was provided by the government. That same year, the first building was erected by the parents of students. By 2013, the enrollment had grown to 120 students, mostly boys with a few girls.
In 2016, Francis Yiale arrived as the new principle. Under his leadership, the school has expanded to include upper level education (high school), enrollment has grown to over 750 students, and the faculty and physical footprint have greatly expanded. Here are a few glimpses of life at the school.

The Well Project

Of all the challenges the school faces, the most pressing is the need for a dependable, safe,  and sustainable water supply. In 2017, Montana on a Mission was the driving force behind a pipeline that brought water to the school and surrounding community from a well about 5km away. It was hoped that this would meet the school's need for the foreseeable future. When the project was first planned, it was thought that the well could serve the needs of 100 families. Current estimates are that the single well is providing water for over 2,500 people every day as well as livestock.  The school is at the end of that pipeline, and the water supply is often exhausted before it reaches the school.
Survey work has confirmed  the likelihood that a well drilled on school property with the proper infrastructure should produce enough water to serve the needs of the school and the immediate community around the school.  The current cost estimate for the well and the necessary infrastructure to deliver fresh water to the school is $50,000. Friends and supporters of the school are raising funds to see this work progress.

Contributing to the Project

There are several ways you can contribute to the Ilturisho Well Project. You can mail a check payable to First Presbyterian Church of Kearney with Ilturisho Well Project in the memo field.  The church's address is 4511 Sixth Avenue, Kearney NE 68845. 100% of funds contributed in this manner will be used for the project. We also have a GoFundMe page where you can contribute. Approximately three percent of gifts made through GoFundMe are used to cover administrative costs. Click here to use the GoFundMe fund. You can also designate gifts made through the First Pres online giving page to be used for the Ilturisho Well Project. Simply select Ilturisho School  as the fund to which you want to contribute. You can contribute through the First Pres Online Giving page here. Make sure to select Ilturisho School  as the fund to which you are contributing from the church web site.