What’s on the Bookshelf Sept 2016

Have you ever had an encounter with an angel? Have you known someone who has? What do Angels look like? Whom do they choose to visit! Why do they appear more often to children than to adults? Angel visitations have been reported throughout history and in different cultures. A Book of Angels by Sophy Burnham (09 E Bur) delights us with reflections on Angels past and present and how they touch our lives. A quote included in the book reads “It is said, and it is true, that just before we are born a cavern angel puts his finger to our lips and says, ‘Hush, don’t tell what you know.’ This is why we are born with a cleft on our upper lips and remembering nothing of where we came from”. -Roderick MacLeish Prince Ombra.
Many of you have heard of Albert Schweitzer but what do you know about him? In Albert Schweitzer’s Gift of Friendship by Erica Anderson (09 E And), the author shows the man behind the legend and reveals his many-faceted personality. Ms. Anderson visited Lambarene to make the film about Schweitzer’s life and work that was seven years in production. The film won an Academy Award for best documentary. She visited the Schweitzer hospital eighteen times and had many conversations with the doctor.