What’s on the Bookshelf Oct 2016

Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews by Paula Fredriksen (04 D Fre) tackles the fundamental question about Jesus: Why did he die? Jesus died in the manner that Rome used for insurrection but none of his immediate followers was harmed or even arrested. Why? Fredriksen has studied the four gospels and Q (the theoretical pre-Gospel source), the Dead Sea Scrolls, the letters of Paul, and Josephus’ histories. Her book contributes to our understanding of the social and religious contexts within which Jesus of Nazareth lived and to our appreciation of the mission and message that ended in the proclamation of Jesus as Messiah.
Stephanie Grace Whitson, author of Soaring Eagle (09 C Whi) has lived in rural Nebraska and her characters are inspired by the lives of pioneers buried in an abandoned cemetery adjacent to the Whitson property. After losing her husband in the battle of Little Big Horn, LisBeth King returns to Lincoln, Nebraska. When she arrives, she finds that her mother is also gone. How can she go on? What will happen to this young woman of mixed parentage? Being half Lakota and half white causes LisBeth to question where she fits in the world. What if she comes face-to-face with her half-brother, the Sioux warrior, Soaring Eagle?