Welcome Visitors

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church! We want you to feel comfortable and at ease in your surroundings. The following services are available to aid your comfort in worship. Please inform the ushers of your particular needs.
o Nursery Staff will welcome your infants and toddlers.
o Wireless hearing aids, large-print bulletins, and large-print Bibles
o Children’s bulletins, activity backpacks, and Bibles

Please turn all cell phones and pagers to vibrate during the worship service!
Visitors and members are urged to record your presence at worship on the friendship pads which are in the pews. Please include your address, phone number, email, and any other information you wish to share with us and acquaint yourself with those sharing the pew.

Media Policy: In this digital age the church takes many pictures and/or recordings of baptisms, worship services, special events, activities, Sunday School, youth groups, etc. The First Presbyterian Church USA (FPC) uses these to record, promote, and celebrate our church ministry through many different venues including, but not limited to, our church website, social media, publications, etc. FPC understands that some people may choose not to have their image used and the church wants to respect their wishes. Therefore, FPC asks that those individuals or families who may prefer NOT to have images of themselves used by the church to provide the church with a written request, and the church will honor their wishes.

Anyone wishing to unite with the church, please let the Rev. Price-Gibson know.

Should you have a need for pastoral care, please contact Rev. Stephen Price-Gibson at 308-380-0908 or email spricegibson@hotmail.com.